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Our Products & Services


1. Full range of advanced clarification and filtration equipment
2. Feed water pre-treatment chemicals including flocculants, coagulants,
3. Complete range of feed water disinfection equipment including on-site hypo generation, chlorine dioxide generators, ultra violet equipment

Process Water Treatment – Ion Exchange & Membrane Based

1. Complete range of ion exchange process equipment – softener’s, dealkalisers, demineralisers
2. Membrane systems – micro filtration, ultra-filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis
3. Condensate polishers, deaerators
4. Electrodialysis, electro deionisation


Process Applications with Resins / Membranes

1.Speciality resins & adsorbents for F & B, pharma & biotech industries, etc.
2. Membrane systems for process fluids - dairy, textile, brewery, etc.,
3. Speciality process chemicals for paper, sugar, mining, oil refining, etc.

Drinking Water Treatment

1. Drinking water purification systems for industry & communities, urban & rural, ZERO B point-of-use drinking water purifiers
2. Full range of processes – membrane / non-membrane/ non-electric
3. Disinfection systems – ultra violet, chlorine dioxide generators, Onsite hypo generators, ozone systems
4. Salinity, fluoride, nitrate, arsenic, iron & manganese removal systems
5. Disaster Management Units (DMUs)


Services -

1. Operation & Maintenance, Service Contracts
2. Water audits, consultancy
3. Plant upgradation, automation, rehabilitation
4. Supply of genuine ion exchange resins, membranes adsorbents, RO antiscalants, cleaners, effluent treatment chemicals and critical spares